Answering your questions about LaTeX

I shared my CV transformation from Word to LaTeX on my Instagram and sent out a question box to get your questions – here are some answers to those questions! What is LaTeX? LaTeX is a document preparation system that focuses more on the content rather than the looks of the document. It’s mostly used […]

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My most recent experiment

Back in October 2019 I carried out my first ever experiment at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California. In case you didn’t know I’m a laser physicist from Imperial College London that is acting as a visiting researcher at SLAC. More specifically though, I work in the Matter under Extreme Conditions lab. Here, we […]

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I’ve passed my masters!

Just a few days ago I received some awesome news!   I PASSED MY MASTERS   Let’s just say that there were a few obstacles on the way, but if I were to give my younger self advice, I would say, don’t let the haters make you believe that you can’t achieve something. So, what […]

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Proposal Writing

Last month, I wrote my first ever proposal! It was quite nerve-wracking because I’m still not a PhD student yet and I felt like I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to write a proposal.. I thought they were always things written by professors.  But.. I overcame the whole imposter syndrome thing and told myself.. what have I […]

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How I manage my time

One of my Instagram followers kindly asked me to write a blog post about how I manage to produce a radio show, write articles for Forbes, keep up with social media, take part in science events, do a masters, socialise and also find time for sleep! The real answer is I don’t have a clue! […]

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